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Bon Tot Hat Drive

Posted on July 18 2018


Recently, we heard the awful news that a little boy who is very close to our Bon Tot family had been diagnosed with Leukemia. His parents took him in to the Sick Kids with a fever, expecting to be sent home with a course of Calpol, but instead they found themselves looking at a long hospital stay and months of Chemotherapy.

 We learned something that hadn’t crossed our minds before, although is obvious when you think about it. The chemo will cause hair loss, and of course result in a seriously stressed immune system, so our wee pal is going to have to wear hats whenever he is out of the hospital or house, to keep his head warm and protected. His immune system will be so low that he will need lots of hats, to make sure no bugs or bacteria get in the way of his recovery.

Well, we can at least help with that part, we thought, and so WE WANT YOUR HATS! 

We’ve been running a hat drive to collect new hats from all of our lovely brands, fellow retailers and amazing customers and have over 250 to date..! Our appeal has been running on Instagram and the family are so happy to see so many people reaching out to help. Little moments of happiness and anything that brings a smile to their faces is so important to them right now, so we are having one last big push!

This little boy won’t be able to leave the country for 3 YEARS... another fact we hadn’t considered... so receiving hats from round the globe is an amazing way for the family to feel connected to the wider world.

We’ll have more hats than the family will need so the remainder will be donated to The Sick Kids Hospital Cancer Ward, here in Edinburgh, in the hope that every little helps.

If you feel you want to donate, we’d be so grateful. You can see more on our Instagram Stories over @bon_tot.

Send donations to:

Bon Tot

46 St Stephen Street






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