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Buy Now Pay Later - Budget your spending with Bon Tot

Posted on May 29 2019

Buy Now Pay Later with our new Part Pay integration

We’re really excited to launch our new Buy Now Pay Later option with Part Pay. We’ve been very conscious about considering this option, as we don’t want to encourage our customers to over spend and risk ending up in debt. However, we’re also very cost conscious, and we know that shopping ethically and sustainably is more expensive than fast fashion high street options.

Buy Now Pay Later at Bon Tot

Helping with higher value items

So, after speaking to a lot of our customers, we established this was something that people wanted. One customer noted that this would be really helpful when buying higher value items, like a new raincoat for example. A £20 payment every 2 weeks would let her spread out the cost, possibly over 3 pay periods, while sticking to her ethical shopping principles.

Faire Child Rain Coat

Faire Child Raincoat

Hello Baby Newborn Gift

Hello Baby - Newborn Gift

How it works

We wanted to make sure we worked with a finance partner that was fair too..  With our new Part Pay integration, Bon Tot covers the fees, meaning the customer purchase and pay back is interest free. You can use Part Pay for any order over £40 and you receive the items as soon as you order, just as normal. Payment is taken in 4 interest free instalments; one payment initially, then a further payment every 2 weeks (6 weeks total), meaning payment can be spread over 3 pay periods if you need. We made sure that there were no unreasonable charges for missed payments or mistakes etc. You can still return items if you need to, as usual.

So! The feedback we’ve had so far is super positive, with customers telling us they’ve taken advantage to buy birthday gifts, whole summer wardrobes and our new amazing Faire Child rainwear range, which is a great example of where it can help. Faire Child pieces are designed to last for years; they are some of the most environmentally conscious products on the market, and they are incredibly high quality. The higher cost associated with this is for sure worth it (as always we selected product ranges really carefully and like to test them out ourselves before we stock them. Clemence has worn her jacket right through the winter already – read more HERE ), and being able to pay in stages lets you budget the cost out.

We’re really happy to be able to offer this in store and online now and if you have any questions, please let us know!

Faire Child Rainwear

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  • Tracey Jones: February 03, 2022

    Thanks for buy now and pay later I have 3 of my grandkids and they need clothes. Thanks

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