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Bon Voyage - Our circular buy back scheme!

Posted on March 11 2020

Bon Voyage is the UK’s first circular marketplace for second hand baby and kidswear. Established in 2019, we buy and source the best preloved, unworn and vintage goods, then resell them in our marketplace. We make it easy for you to sell on your kids’ wardrobe as they grow, then find the best pieces for them as they size up.
  1. Show us your items - you can send them to us by post, drop them off if you’re local or send us photos. It’s easy!
  2. We’ll sort, approve and value them.
  3. You can choose to accept cash or store credit.
  4. Feel good about the loop!
If you have any questions, drop us an email or a DM on Instagram.  
If you post your items to us, on receipt we will sort through them and decide what is right for our marketplace, then assign each item a secondhand RRP based on our industry knowledge. We’ll then calculate your cash and credit totals. You choose which you’d prefer and get paid on the spot. If you choose cash you’ll get paid via PayPal, if you choose credit you’ll be issued a personal discount code to use on our site. This is valid for one year online and in store.
Cash = 30% of the RRP
Credit = 40% of the RRP
If we cannot accept some of your items, we will donate them to our charity of choice - Kids Love Clothes, or we can return them to you (at your cost). If you prefer to send us photos of the items first to ensure we can buy them please feel free to do so via DM on our brand Instagram page @bon_tot Items we receive must be in good used condition, with no stains, rips or tears, shrinkage etc.
Submissions should be sent to Bon Voyage, 24 West Telferton, Edinburgh, EH7 6UL. Please don’t forget to include your name, number and email address in the parcel.


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