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Bon Voyage Buy Back Scheme!

Posted on March 11 2020

We're really excited to finally launch our own unique second hand kids clothing offer! Bon Voyage is your very own one stop shop circular marketplace for second hand baby clothing and preloved vintage kidswear! We've always tried to make Bon Tot ethical and sustainable - in terms of materials used and their impact on the planet, and economically; making sure we cater to all budgets.

The clothing we source is made to last, and we want to show how much we mean that by launching our second hand kids clothing marketplace - Bon Voyage. If you shop with us, we will buy the products back from you once your kid has grown out of them. We'll also buy back other brands too, as long as they meet our criteria in terms of where and how they were made.

There are more details below, but if you have any questions, drop us an email or better still, a DM on Instagram!

2nd Hand Buy Back Scheme

We were desperate to achieve a better price point for 'sustainable', 'slow fashion' brands and were itching to make moves towards a more sustainable way of working in the clothing industry. We're SO glad you are here and reading this and really need your help (and your clothes!) to get this off the ground. Read on for the fine details... but here are the main points in a little ethical nutshell:

- Set aside your 2nd hand (see list below)
-Send us photos or send your items to us (see The Fine Print below)
- Collect cash or store credit
- Email us with any questions (
- or DM on Instagram (@bon-tot)

Bon Tot Buy Back Scheme
kids 2nd hand store

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  • Stacy Young : June 22, 2020

    Hi i noticed you have a few preloved pairs of amy & ivors on your website i have a few to sell and wondered if you’d be interested.
    1 pair of moccasins
    1 pair of traveller shoes
    And 2 pairs of high tops
    (1 leather & one sheepskin)

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