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Faire Child

Posted on May 13 2019

Faire Child Launches at Bon Tot

Today's launch of the new Faire Child range got me thinking a lot about 'What Bon Tot is' and what Faire Child means to us.. 

Faire Child at Bon Tot

I think it's hard to communicate how amazing this brand is without speaking about it. I’m really lucky that I call Tabitha, the owner and designer at Faire Child, a friend. She was an early Bon Tot customer and we became friends when she was living in Edinburgh. She was always very supportive of me and we talked a lot about her plans. We had several meetings about those plans, and I'm so grateful for that connection because I have seen her whole vision come to fruition. Knowing her as I do, it’s not a surprise that she has created the most thorough, the most true to her belief system, product ever.

Faire Child Rainwear- Kris and Tabitha

Faire Child Ethics..

Coming off Fashion Revolution week, we've seen several bands highlighted that are doing a great job. However, looking at their process what I learned was, there's no perfect brand. Even the fact we’re in this industry is problematic, but of course, we do need clothing. So while there’s no truly perfect brand, I think Faire Child is mighty close!

Speak to Tabitha and she will say, "come at me!  Ask me anything". Whatever you come up with, she has an answer. The garments are a product of someone who believes in a regenerative economy and creating a framework that values a healthy eco system. She created and lives the thing that she believes in.

I think often people sacrifice one thing or another and priorties get chopped up.. but she’s managed to do everything.

Faire Child Rain Coat and Dungarees

The Bon Tot ethos..

I feel like Faire Child suits everything that we are as a brand. Bon Tot is about all kinds of different things... We’re never going to be all one thing...  like all this or all that.. or operate on one philosophy, you know?  We like all kinds of stuff. 

We care about good things, cool things, and we care about people. We like nice people who are making things based on their own ethical priorities; and how they view the world.  I have wildly different taste some times, and I’m not going to buy things for just one kind of reason, or be one type of store, and I feel like Faire Child is really going to resonate with our customer.

Some people will buy for Faire Child's heritage design; some people are going to buy because it's made from 19 recycled water bottles; some because of the send back recycle programme Tabitha has set up (all of the products are fully recyclable). Some will love the colours, some will love the luxury, some will be drawn by the fact the pieces are chemical free, others because it's made by tiny team in Cananda - completely transparent manufacturing.

And some will buy it because they trust us! Because they know it must be good because we’re selling it...

And the point is there is no wrong reason to be 'in to something' and we think this brand hits every priority you could have.. including style.

Faire Child Jacket

Year round fabric

Even though they are thin.. they have been designed and tested to be worn year round. Tested in Canada over their super harsh winter you just layer underneath and they will be perfect.  Our daughter, Clemence, really feels the cold and she has worn hers through the winter happily. You can also wear in hot, wet climates as the material is fully breathable. This is seriously considered performance wear.

This helps with the cost side of things. Faire Child garments should be seen as an investment with a year round purpose. You don't buy lots of outerwear for your kids; THIS is their outerwear… We are very cost conscious as a family and a business and that plays a part too in why we are so proud and excited to stock Faire Child.

This season we're not offering the products online, but you can email us or message us on Instagram and order that way!


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