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Kapla - The Classic French Wooden Game!

Posted on June 28 2019

We challenge you to complete level 12!

As with every Bon Tot product, we trial them out at home to make sure they're good enough for the shop... CC takes her Blafre water bottle to school every day,  Kris is usally wearing her Bon Tot Staff Sweatshirt, or a piece of our vintage, if nails are painted they are painted with Nailmatic, when we're brushing teeth we're using our f.e.t.e bamboo toothbrushes! The list goes on...

So when we found out about the amazingness that is KAPLA, we decided to stock it, pronto!

Kapla - Kids Wooden Plank Game - Bon Tot

It's a super simple game that we make everyone play that comes to our house! You can follow the rules and try to complete the 12 challenges that Kapla set, or you can freestyle to you heart's content!

Graham probably lost 2 full nights to Kapla and was pretty excited to complete Levels 01 up to 11.. Level 10 is shown (precariously) in this image and Level 11 below!

But Level 12 still eludes us....

Kapla themselves say that Level 12 is supremely hard to complete! So there we go readers.. challenge set!

A classic for over 30 years, KAPLA wooden plank concept only requires a child’s imagination. A great kid's birthday gift and a fun family game for all ages!

The KAPLA game is made up of identical pine wood planks. Due to their unique size, in the ratio of 1:3:5, KAPLA planks are an innovative building block, ideal for creating a wide variety of structures. We have 3 versions of the game in store... CLICK HERE to shop them! And please let us know if you finish Level 12! Tag us on Instagram and show us!

Kapla Wooden Challenge


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