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My Girl

Posted on November 05 2015

We don't keep journals or scrapbooks (although often think we should) but we did set up an email address when Clemence was born, and we send her little messages from time to time, to tell her what she's been up to, and what we're thinking. Who even knows whether email will exist by the time she gets to read them, but it's fun to do, and nice to look back at ourselves!

Graham tends to write silly little poems and rhymes to her, but this one struck a chord with me, and so I wanted to share it below. Because it describes a core reason for setting up Bon Tot. We didn't want to follow the 'pink for girls and blue for boys' rules when we had our little girl. Not that there is anything wrong with those colours; and in fact we have lots of both in our store. We just believe that kids should be able to wear any colour they choose, and play with any toy they wish, without an identity being forced upon them.

Shouldn't we want all of our children to be strong and brave and kind and compassionate and all those words that often get divided up?

Our little girl's favourite toys are lego, some old toy cars and her doll. And one of her best boy friends loves nothing more than his Elsa doll, in among the tractors! And to us that's perfect.

A phrase that we've heard a lot is "let them be little" and we love that. That's why most of our products are gender neutral and our toys focus on imagination and play.

Thanks for reading, and here's that little rhyme to finish... For girls and boys.

My girl has power

My girl has strength

No need to keep her at arms length.

My girl has brains to match the brawn

An inner force to call upon.

A curious and open mind,

A thoughtfulness, a heart that's kind.

These are the things I wish for her

To keep her safe, yet take her far

To stand alone as people find her

Knowing she has love behind her.

Following the path she chooses,

Weathering the cuts and bruises.

Though I don't know what she'll be

She'll have the strength to say, "I'm me".



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