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Shop Local - Think Global

Posted on July 18 2019

Up With The Lark Podcast..

We were so pleased to be invited to speak on the UWTL podcast by Calandre Orten, and I'm really excited to share the result today!  Click below to listen to Kristina (me!) and Calandre talk about Bon Tot, building a brand, our ethical priorities, what we buy and why we buy and what inspires us both. I really hope you like it, and please comment below with any questions!

(and yes, it IS Frisco you hear snoring in the background through our chat!) 

From Calandre Orton:

In this episode, we explore the idea of ‘shop local, think global’ and its various implications as creative entrepreneurs. It’s a phrase full of potential and possibility but also restrictions and responsibilities. How can we respond to it creatively and commercially?

When considering who to ask to speak on this topic, my wish list was a long one - someone creatively talented, who had a bricks and mortar shop and an online presence, that the shop would be fully invested into the local community and that they would have an international point of view in terms of product and the environment. Critically, it felt essential to have someone who saw all of these things as a narrative, a debate, a work in progress. And by some miracle, I found them!

Kristina Currie of Bon Tot sits down with us to discuss how they find this balance - the shop in Edinburgh, the online presence, stocking international products and prioritising eco-thinking. If you want to hear a great business story, you have come to the right place. Kristina is an articulate, considered and funny guest. You are in for a treat!

bon tot family edinburgh

It's really lovely to have a chance to talk about things you're passionate about and I really enjoyed talking to Calandre, not only about Bon Tot, but about other people that inspire me and our business.

It's the second podcast I've been invited on. If you'd like to listen to the first, you can click below to listen to me chat to one of my pals, Vanessa Kanbi, on her Magnificent Mothers Podcast too!

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