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MY STALF - Kris talks to Paris Hodson

Posted on November 12 2018


Bon Tot Kids - Edinburgh

Fresh Modern Kids Wares


If you know me (Kristina!), you'll most probably have seen me wearing a piece from STALF clothing. It's one of my absolute go to wardrobe staples. You'll also know that Bon Tot and STALF are good pals and you might even have met Paris and her team in our shop. STALF have exclusively launched their 2017 and 2018 AW collections in our store, with a bangin' party to boot!

Paris recently asked me to take part in their "My Stalf" series, and you can read about me, and my Stalf, by clicking on the link below!

Thanks for reading! And make sure you come join us for next year's STALF launch party!

Kris, Graham, Clemence and Frisco


If you've read this, and want to know more about STALF, click below to browse Paris's awesome wares.


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