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VISA - National #whereyoushopmatters campaign winners!

Yep. It's true! We won! 

Ware delighted to announce that our entry in to the VISA competition to create an advert that celebrates independent shopping has been chosen as the winner! As if that's not exciting enough in itself, the ad will be shown ON PRIMETIME TV, on Sunday 22nd December during ITV's Dancing on Ice special. It will be seen by approximately 5 million people!

You can watch the full VISA ad below.. and you can read about how we did it, and what being independent means to us too! Thank you so much to everyone that commented on our Instagram post originally; for all the love and support, and to our awesome shop neighbours on St Stephen Street!


If you've followed our journey over the last 5 years, you'll know we love to have fun, and we love a creative challenge, so when we found out about the competition, we knew we had to enter. The problem was, we found out with only a few days left of the competition. So.... we sent messages to a few customers and friends, and some of our amazing shop neighbours on St Stephen Street, and within 48 hours we were filming it on a rainy Saturday afternoon, and we finished it a couple days later.

We wanted to tell our story of Independent Business... which is all about family....

Bon Tot Kids Edinburgh - Whereyoushopmatters

Most independents are run by families - whether that's partner, spouse or multigenerational, and many of those partnerships have kids. Every pound spent in these businesses makes a massive difference; to the families and to the local streets and communities they sit within. We definitely see Bon Tot as being about community.

We've made so many connections through our business; connecting with other people doing amazingly cool things, customers and brands becoming close friends and collaborators, shop neighbours supporting each other through quiet and busy times. We wanted our video to be about those connections, so each of the kids in the video is from a customer who is now a close pal. Each of them acts as a mini shopkeeper in one of our awesome neighbour's businesses... they hear Clemence singing and they all come along to sing with her. The very definition of community spirit!

When we found out we had won the competition, it was a proper whirlwind few days, letting people know and it was amazing letting our little mini shopkeepers know and getting organised for today's big launch!

























































Bon Tot Where You Shop Matters

A HUGE thank you to VISA for selecting our entry from the many, many amazing ones that were put out there by small businesses around the UK, just like ours.

The competition invited the UK’s independent retailers to create a copycat version of the 2019 Christmas advert. The VISA campaign is encouraging people to switch their focus from what they are buying to where they are buying and urging shoppers to show their local high streets some love this Christmas and beyond.

You can see our original advert on Instagram here and a broader selection of competition entries can be found on the Visa website. creative agency

AND FINALLY! A massive thank you to our good friend (another Bon Tot connection) and collaborator, Kate Reeves, who helped us pull this together. Click to see what she's now up to over at We Don't Have Time For This podcast!

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