Wear It Out with Nina Goks

Wear It Out with Nina Goks

Wear It Out with Nina Goks

We take five minutes with London/Margate based photographer Nina Goks to celebrate our shared passion for secondhand shopping. For Nina, it's a life long love. Nina shares some insider tips on how she shops secondhand, and tells us why she loves it so much.

We’re so excited that you took five away from real life to chat with us. Let’s get into it - teach us how you shop secondhand; do you start by brand or by season or looking for a certain piece? Spill your secrets!

Typically I search brand by brand on shops like Vinted, I save my searches in my kids sizes in the brands I like for them then can see when new items have been shared.

On preloved shops like Bon Voyage I check in most days to the NEW IN just to see if anything’s been added and move fast on items I love.

For myself I’m usually looking for a specific item so I just search that! I don’t care about seasons etc - all I really care about is condition and price! I’ve noticed lately a lot of preloved shops selling at almost new prices for high street stuff. I know it needs to be sustainable as a small business but feel it counter intuitive to the preloved morals.

Can you give us three reasons why you shop secondhand?

  1. It’s satisfying and feels more of an energetic exchange - someone loved that dress on their baby now I’m loving it on mine. Beautiful.
  1. It’s often more cost effective - I bought an Elvi pump for £100 barely used! Can’t beat that.
  1. I like finding golden old pieces from brands or retired prints. Makes me feel like our wardrobes are more unique.

Let’s focus on the kids: what brands are you most often looking for when buying second hand?

Simple Folk, Mini Rodini, Konges Slojd, Meme, Korean brands like Mon Bebe and Anggo, Zara, Arq, Bonds Wondersuits, The Animal Observatory, Vans, DM’s, Converse.

Do you have key pieces that you would recommend buying used rather than new, whether it’s for price point reasons, number of uses, quality, etc (ie a Mini Rodini winter coat for price point or lightness of wear, UGGs or Saltwaters for quality, summer dresses for number of uses).

Coats. Always. And shoes - I can count on one hand the amount of new shoes I’ve bought my kids. They don’t wear them long enough plus they’re more comfortable when bought worn.

You’ve used our Buy Back system Bon Voyage to sell and/or buy from; why do you like working with us?

I love the prices, types of items you get in and frequency of uploading!

The big one - do you let your kids pick out their own looks or are the fits all you?!

Oh totally - my son loves to help me pick. I rarely buy anything without his opinion now because he’s *so* incredibly opinionated about what he wears.

And how would you describe your style?

Minimal, neutral and textured with a side of grunge

What are your favourite secondhand finds? 

My favourite two preloved finds ever from any preloved store were Bon Voyage - an Arq leopard baby vest and a Bandy Button pink racer romper. So. Good.

 All images from @ninagoksphotography


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