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Aleta Kids

ALETA Kids: Anchovy

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Encourage your child to create patterns with the rope by weaving it throughout and coiling it around the crevices.

Patterns are everywhere and they provide a sense of order in what otherwise might appear chaotic. Patterns help children learn to make predictions and to sequence, both of which foster the development of mathematical and logical skills.

Perfect while travelling or waiting for the bus, develop their fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. It is also a fun way to practice concentration and patience.

Easy to hold, light to carry on adventures, just perfect for little explorers. Take one with you everywhere!

Non-toxic, child safe, made from European beechwood

The anchovy measurements are:

(inches) 7'' x 1.57'' and thickness 0.35''

(cm) 180 mm x 40 mm and thickness 9 mm

Each anchovy comes with a cotton lace, one yard long (90cm), packed in a cotton bag.

Age 4 and up with supervision