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Mini Modern Kids Architect Model kit

£65.00 GBP

Build your own miniature house or envisaged structures with this scale model 3D ‘hands on’ architectural building kit. Explore multiple 3D designs inspired by real building forms used in Architecture. Arckit empowers minds through Architecture.

This 3D ‘open-ended’ architecture kit is perfect for aspiring architects to envisage ‘cutting edge’ buildings and bring their designs to life! Mini Modern Colours 2.0 architectural model design kit is perfect as a stand-alone kit or as an add-on to existing Arckit 3D model building kits.

All Arckit model building kits are gender neutral, support STEM and STEAM learning and are proudly made in Ireland.

The Mini Modern Colours architecture set for kids comes with:

  • 105+ components
  • 20 unique components for even more imaginative builds
  • A starter guide instruction sheet
  • More step-by step builds available online
  • Free access to Arckit’s online texture library for more external finishes
  • Package Dimensions: 24cm x 19cm x 6cm
  • Recommended for age 8+