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WWF Plush Toys

WWF Cornelio Crocodile Plush Toy 29cm

£22.00 GBP

The WWF plush toy collection is the most eco-friendly plush toy in the world. This is a HUGE deal. Each plush is made from the finest and softest materials available and filled with a 100% recycled PET bottle filling. They are sustainable and will last a lifetime, making them a cuddly buddy forever.

WWF plush toys are on a mission and are created with a distinct purpose - creating a better world for all babies. They comply to the highest quality standards in the industry when it comes to ethical production and are independently tested, making them perfect for Bon Tot.

Cornelio Crocodile 29cm

Did you know a baby crocodile is born out of an egg? Its momma crocodile lays about 80-100 eggs every nest, wow! And, if the baby croc is a boy or girl depends entirely on the temperature of the nest.

Plush on a mission! Will you join us?