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Nailmatic Bath Bomb: Red Planet

£6.99 GBP

Red Planet is a handmade bath bomb for Kids. 

Sweet almond oil gets kids hydrated naturally. 
Chamomile extracts turns the fun into a relaxing experience. 
Plus, we love this sweet berry burst scent that will make your kids smell like a dream!

Dermatologically tested to be kind to delicate skins. 

Vegan and cruelty-free

To be used under adult supervision. 
Not suitable for kids under 3.

Keep it dry and nothing will happen. Toss it in the bath and the show begins… Two friendly ingredients, citric acid + sodium bicarbonate, release carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide? That’s the technical term for happy bath balls :) Fizz!!! The bath path is all clear: theses playful splash mates are biodegradable and non toxic.