Is Bon Tot still open?

We’ve moved to a new warehouse (watch this space for events coming soon!) but can still shop online and we are still shipping.

Where is my parcel?

We are operating on a very reduced delivery schedule. In an effort to minimise the stress on our local postal service and our lovely courier driver, we are posting once a week; twice a week max. Your parcel might take up to 7 to 9 days to arrive.

I haven't had a reply to my email?

Please bear with us! We are a small, family run business and as with many people, we are trying to balance work, home and childcare through this crisis. We will aim to reply to emails and DMs as quickly as we can, but it might just take us an extra few hours! Thanks for your patience! x

How are you keeping your staff safe?

We only have one member of staff in the shop at a time, and only for packing and shipping your parcels. We fully sanitise as we step in the door and once we step back out again! And always before and after we unpack any of our deliveries. Our staff are awesome and are only coming in if they are happy to do so, and if it's helping them pay their bills (which it is! so thank you for all your orders).

How are you keeping me safe?

As above we are a small business so very few pairs of hands touch your product before it reaches you. We are sanitising and cleaning throughout every shop visit and we know exactly where you product has been up until the point it leaves our shop.

Why are you still open?

Frankly, we have to pay the rent! We are a bricks and mortar store and we want to survive this crisis and be there on the other side! We also feel a tremendous sense of loyalty to our staff. They have rent and mortgages to pay and your orders are keeping them going. Finally, we think we have products that can help right now! We have so many products that are great for crafting and home schooling right now AND we have products to keep kids occupied, which helps everyone get through the day!


Thank you so much and please do share your purchases with us on Instagram! We love to see them so tag us @bon_tot and let's keep social!