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Aleta Kids

ALETA Kids: Count On!

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Count On! Wooden lacing toy by Aleta Kids

Introduce your children to the art of counting and develop their mathematical mind, coordination, concentration and independence.

By age four children are ready to learn numbers and concepts like addition and subtraction, quantities, measures, proportions, comparisons (smaller than, bigger than, longer than…) sequences and progressions. All these concepts can be practiced with this toy, that can as well be used as blocks, a puzzle and a lacing toy to develop their fine motor skills.

Non-toxic, child safe, made from European beechwood

The toy is composed of 11 pieces of 60mm (2.36'') width, 9mm (0.35'') thickness and heights from 10mm (0.39'') to 100mm (3.93''). It comes with two cotton laces, one yard long (90cm) in natural colour. The whole set is conveniently packed in a cotton bag for easy carrying.