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Bon Tot Knits: Classic Aran Jumper



Bon Tot Knits: Classic Aran Jumper


We are incredibly excited to be working with local Edinburgh knitwear virtuosa, Rosa Barron, to offer unique, hand-made knitwear. This jumper is only available online via Bon Tot!

The Aran jumper is a design classic, recognisable around the world and at its best when made by an expert Scottish knitter with over 50 years of practice! This will be a wardrobe staple that never goes out of style, and a year round piece (especially if you live in Scotland!). We recommend buying a size up, to start off baggy and max out wear.

  • Entirely hand-knitted, with no sewn seams
  • Hats available on request; email us for details and cost

Please note that this item will be made to order. Please email us for info on likely lead-in times - typically 2 - 3 weeks.