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même. Kidswear: Bib Set - Blk, Blk Polka, Stripe

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Pack of 3 amazing monochrome, minimal baby bibs from même. kidswear. 100% cotton and fix with 2 metal snaps. Seriously cool "table wear"!

We're delighted to be one of an exclusive group of retailers, chosen by même. to spread the word of their amazing minimalist kids-wear. même. make gender neutral clothing that's meant to be passed down and shared between brothers and sisters. même. designs clothing that mimics our children - open, pure and filled with imagination. Their first collection is called Chapter 1 and is simply stunning. Cool, minimal, unisex, timeless designs for infants and toddlers.

Designed in Seattle and manufactured in Los Angeles, même. source all their materials in the USA and Japan and pre-wash their garments in silicone to avoid shrinkage and to make them ready to wear once purchased. Their take on kids fashion design includes several perfect little details to increase longevity of wear:

  • adjustable waistbands on all trousers (approx 3 inches of adjustment)
  • wider and slightly longer lengths, so that over time the garment adapts to your tot's growth.
  • high end finishing techniques to make sure the insides of garments are as beautifully finished as the outsides.