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meme kidswear

même. : Zai Overalls - Checkered

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même. : Zai Overalls - Checkered

Straight, boxy silhouette with loose fit

Styling tip: the adjustable straps can be extended far enough to hook onto the side panel of the pant's bib. This means, no more straps hanging loosely around the body when worn with the bib flipped down!

100% Cotton Twill

We're delighted to be one of an exclusive group of retailers, chosen by même to spread the word of their amazing minimalist kids-wear. même make gender neutral clothing that's meant to be passed down and shared between brothers and sisters. même designs clothing that mimics our children - open, pure and filled with imagination. Their 3rd collection is called Chapter 3 and is simply stunning. Cool, minimal, unisex, timeless designs for infants, toddlers and big kids.