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Milimbo: Trails Tails

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Trails Tails is another incredible story telling game from the wonderful Milimbo. The game starts building a path; joining several pieces until your board is complete. Symbols on the board tell you when to open the beautifully illustrated instruction book to see where the story will go next!

Each "Trails Tales" box are all the secret ingredients you will need to play with the stories.

- Board Game box size: 27 x 27 x 12 centimeters

- Elements inside each box:
- 1 Dwarf’s House
- 1 Rapunzel’s Tower
- 1 Bramble Patch
- 1 Bridge
- 4 Rings
- 1 Bag of Magic Stones
- 1 Magic Powder
- 1 Mirror
- 1 Singing Tree
- 1 Snow White's room
- 1 playing cards game about 7 Dwarfs
- 1 instructions book

- Languages: english, french, italian, spanish, dutch

Milimbo is a small publisher and graphic design studio based in Valencia, Spain. They make graphic books, toys and games for little (and big!) kids, all with an emphasis on imagination and interpretation. With Milimbo products, you are encouraged to make up your own rules, tell your own ever-changing stories and lose yourself in a visual wonderland.

All products are beautifully handcrafted using 100% recycled paper and cardboard. They are genuinely the most beautifully designed, cleverly thought through and downright cool items- imagination, creativity and play epitomised.