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Monbento: Gram Snack Box - Green Apple

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Beautiful stories and fairy tales come to lunch with the Monbento Gram kids' snack box in a delicate pink blush! Monbento has become a Bon Tot staple, and Clemence's personal choice of school lunch box.

At school, on holiday, on school trips or picnics: this ingenious snack box protects your emergency provisions from little accidents.

Slipped into all your kids’ bags, it is easy to identify thanks to tags that can be endlessly switched

More Info

  • Product dimensions: 14,8x7x11,4 cm
  • Capacity: 0,6 L
  • 1 container (PP)
  • 1 lid (PP)
  • 1 seal (silicone)
Food grade
As well as fitting all bags, the MB Gram snack box protects all snacks from everyday little mishaps, thanks to its airtight seal and a round shape that guarantees its strength and makes it easy to clean.