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OkoNorm: Finger Paint 4 Pack - Beta Colours

£13.99 GBP

Pack of four vivid, water-based non-toxic finger paints made from renewable and natural materials, safe for little fingers and toes! Shades of Orange, Brown, White and Black. Perfect for autumnal masterpieces!

Suitable for painting with fingers, brush, stamping or sponge on paper, glass, wood or other surfaces. 

Children under 3 should be supervised by an adult, washes from clothes

Ingredients: Natural food and food additives, including food colorants, purified chalk and food preserver Phenoxyethanol. Bitter substances: denatonium benzoate. Colours: Natural and identical to natural pigments, food or cosmetic grade.

Made in Germany

Packs have 160 g of paint in each pot, volume may vary slightly