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Scrollino Amazing Christmas Advent Maze

£13.50 GBP

Scrollino® is the first rewinding book. A collection of beautifully designed activity books that you can take anywhere! These small scrollable books are interactive, educational and fun. They promote the development of intellectual and motor skills, and will inspire the imagination of everyone who picks them up.

An Advent Calendar Maze for kids and the whole family. Perfect for Christmas time! No chocolate included – but the fun is guaranteed,. Experience the Scrollino® concept in the endless-like labyrinth game over 2 yards long. Wind your way through the maze every day until Christmas!

Age: 5 to 105
Length: 2.2 yards / 2.02 meters
Accessory: 1 natural wood pencil included
FSC certified, acid-free heavyweight paper, Biofibra 100% compostable
Designed in France - Made in Prague

NATURAL COMPOSITION: Scrollino is made with sustainable and recyclable materials of organic origin. The rewinding system is produced with 100% compostable Biofibra material, and the products are ZERO WASTE.

The brand minimise waste as much as possible, optimising each production step  according to the raw material used.