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Summer Morning Studios x NAC NAC Squiggle Candle - Pink/Orange

£15.00 GBP

The Two-Tone Squiggle is an original Summer Morning Studios shape, with a NAC NAC twist - one of our favourite colour combos, orange and pink.

The half-and-half design means you can position the candle to be one of two colours depending on which you fancy that day.


  • Hand-crafted in Edinburgh using sustainably sourced soy wax

  • Free from phathalate and paraffin

  • A Collection 005 shape

  • Size: 23.5cm x 2.5cm x 3cm

SMS's motto is Candles Too Pretty To Burn - so meet the collection of aesthetic candles that you can treat as your own little work of art.

If you do take a match to these bad boys, the smell is divine.

Hand-crafted from soy wax and poured in Edinburgh.