Wear It Out with Emily Hogarth

Wear It Out with Emily Hogarth

Wear It Out with Emily Hogarth

In the second installment of our Wear It Out series, we grab five with Edinburgh based artist Emily Hogarth to talk about secondhand shopping. Emily lives just outside Edinburgh with her husband Conor, their three kids - Maggie, Finn and Rupert, and their dog Mary!

Let’s get into it then - teach us how you shop secondhand; do you start by brand, by season or by looking for a certain piece? Spill your secrets! 
Not sure I have any secrets - I just like to browse and see if there is anything that would suit my kids, and at what's available. Filtering by age helps.

Can you give us three reasons why you shop secondhand? 
It's better for the environment, like giving clothes another lease of life, makes sense financially.

Let’s focus on the kids: what brands are you most often looking for when buying second hand?
I really love Grey Label and Mabo.

Do you have key pieces that you would recommend buying used rather than new, whether it’s for price point reasons, number of uses, quality, etc (ie a MR winter coat for price point or lightness of wear, uggs or Saltwaters for quality, summer dresses for number of uses).
Hmm I have had great use from our Saltwater sandals and winter coats (I always buy Muddy Puddles for coats). I have passed them down through all of my children and there is still wear in them after all three!

You’ve used our Buy Back system Bon Voyage to sell and/or buy from; why do you like working with us?
Yes! Love it! It’s great getting something back from clothes that still have life and also love buying back second hand - it’s a win win really.

The big one - do you let your kids pick out their own looks or are the fits all you?!
Hmm, I usually buy their clothes but they dress themselves. When they were little (under 3) - I dressed them but as they get older they choose their own looks.

And how would you describe your style?
I'm not sure I have a style - I've never really thought about it. Pretty dresses and comfy shoes are good with me!


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